Oregon GMRS Repeater

Two way radio communications for the Rogue Valley.

Rogue Elk 625 GMRS Repeater

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Frequent Questions:
Do I really need a License for GMRS and can I use GMRS for my business? Yes you do, and No you may not.
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NV725 on Gilbert Peak is online now serving Grants Pass, Merlin, Hugo, and Murphy.

NV725 on Gilbert Peak is now in service. Gilbert peak is located above the north end of Grants Pass and divides Grants Pass from the North Valley and Colonial Valley area. This repeater is at a lower elevation than Elk. Mtn, but it’s line of sight to virtually anywhere in Grants Pass, Merlin, Hugo and even Murphy, so 5 watt handhelds work perfect. If you’re in any of these areas, NV725 is going to be your best choice. All licensed GMRS users are welcome to use this repeater for local “rag chew” (It’s on the grid and does not rely on solar as it’s primary power source) but please be mindful of other traffic and as always surrender the frequency immediately to any and all emergency traffic. Have fun!

Elk Mtn. Temporarily offline until we can secure regular funding contributions.

Rogue Elk625 is our first repeater in service and so far it is working great with coverage tested from Ashland to Hugo Oregon. We have had very clear conversations from South Grants Pass, and Ashland using 4 watt hand held portables, as well as 25 and 35 watt mobile radios. I would reccomend investing in a high gain antennas for both mobile units as well as the hand helds (the Baofeng UV-5R is becoming very popular and works great with improved antennas). We'll have more soon as we add pages for equipment reviews and tech advice from some local Amateur and GMRS radio technicians. Check back for more good stuff soon!

Ask us about Pre-Programmed Radios. We can help you locate mobile and portable radios for licensed GMRS users, and can show you how easy it is to obtain your families GMRS license. We are not a business, just a group of friends trying to introduce and promote GMRS radio use for people that are interesed in two way radio communications.


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