Oregon GMRS Repeater

Oregon GMRS Linked Radio Repeaters in Southern Oregon. Get Started today!

Two way Radio communications for families and individuals. For information about link status see the table below and under the "More Info" tab drop down menu above select "Link Status". Please be mindful to leave a second or so between keying and talking to allow all the links to activate and leave pauses in conversations to allow others to join in. Please be careful not to "quick key". Please help us maintain and improve GMRS in Southern Oregon by making a small donation here.

Oregon GMRS Linked Repeaters are labeled in "Blue, and the DDB Repeater System is identified by the "Orange Text"  The Rogue Valley is linked with only the Oregon GMRS repeaters in "Blue" 

Repeater Name Location Frequency Offset PL Tone Coords Elevation Power Type On Air Link NWS ALERTS
NV725 Grants Pass / Josephine / Gilbert Pk. 462.725 +5 141.3 42.488778, -123.307306 3170 ft 40 Watts Kenwood TKR850  YES YES Weather Alert
IV550 Selma / Josephine / Eight Dollar Mtn. 462.550 +5 141.3 42.258473, -123.661508 4001 ft 40 Watts Kenwood TKR850 YES YES  Weather Alert
ELK675 Wimer / Jackson / Elk Mtn. 462.675 +5 141.3 42.540758,-123.247763 4400 ft 40 Watts Kenwood TKR850 YES YES Weather Alert
PHOENIX700 Phoenix / Jackson / Baldy Mtn. 462.700 +5 DPL 743 42.2981836,-122.7506870 3820 ft 40 Watts Kenwood TKR850 NO NO Weather Alert
BALDY575 Grants Pass / Josephine / Old Bald Mtn. 462.575 +5 179.9 42.490687 -123.231502 4100 ft 20 Watts Kenwood TK890 x2 YES NO Weather Alert
FM675 Beatty / Klamath County / Ferguson Mtn. 462.675 +5 127.3 42.479952, -121.203346 5159 ft 30 Watts Kenwood TK-860 x2 YES YES Weather Alert
KF600 Klamath Falls / Hogback Mtn. 462.600 +5 127.3 42.242647, -121.706594 6000 ft 35 Watts Kenwood TKR-850 YES YES Weather Alert
SW550 Sutherlin / Douglas County 462.550 +5 127.3 43.394010, -123.294550 Low Level 30 Watts Kenwood TK-860 x2 YES YES Weather Alert

Elk 675

Please support these organizations that have helped to make Oregon GMRS Possible

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